Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Bred Toe (555088-610)

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The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Men's Shoe delivers heritage style with premium materials and responsive cushioning.

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May 17, 2017

/ 5

Nice shoes!

The shoes look much nicer when on hand than on the website. When I opened the box, I could smell the "recently manufactured" scent. They looked awesome as they lay sideway opposite to each other. Because I use a special thin cast-boot I had to order a 1/2 size bigger than my true size. I laced the shoes with both laces included, red and white. When I stepped into these shoes, they were a nice fit. I couldn't tell they were half size bigger, 11.5 vs 11.0. I got many complements from my family. My grandkids loved them so much that they kept telling me I should buy them a pair. They are 4 boys. It would be too expensive. The inside of the shoe feels comfortable although the insole could've been made better with a bit more cushion. Luckily I have Dr. Scholls inserts #430, so with them the shoe feels awesome. Yes, I'm still at the stage where I keep looking at them to make sure they still look new. The quality seems very good. Hopefully it will be a pair that will last for a long while. « less


December 17, 2016

/ 5

Too Good.

The 2016 AJ1's "Banned" are too good (and worth too much) to wear and look great next to my other 1's but here's the major problem I have with them - they look even better on. And they feel awesome. This makes them too good NOT to wear! No other sneaker is such an easy, no brainer to kick about in. The tumbled leather of these and the shattered backboard away game help it mould to my feet so perfectly. The leather on the Letterman colorway feels a little tighter when slipping them on and off. Both type are great at the end of the day. Glad I got those options so hopefully they'll each last longer than last years shattered backboard which I slept, ate, walked and ran in 24/7 until I had to force myself to put them on the shelf right before sole would about to give under the ball of my foot. Love them all! « less


June 19, 2016

/ 5


First and foremost id like to say that im glad nike/jordan brand is bringing back some original colorways of the air jordan 1. This particular color is a perfect summertime shoe. Probably the closest to real leather that ive seen on an air jordan 1 release since the shattered backboard. My favorite thing about this shoe is its versatility, practically goes with anything from a fashion standpoint. For what it is, its also a decent performer on court as well, just replace the insoles with something with more cushion and youre good to go. A classic sneaker like this never goes out of style.


August 21, 2016

/ 5

Quality leather, classic silhouette

I've owned many Air Jordans and the leather on this pair is some of the best I've encountered. The pair has a great grain to the leather and the shape of the shoe is more reminiscent of the original than many Air Jordan I retros of the recent past.This pair has not been quick to crease and they're getting more comfortable every time I wear them. The colorway goes well with almost everything and the silhouette is a classic. Even though the tech is over 30 years old, the cushioning is still very supportive. I'd highly recommend that you pick up a pair.


June 11, 2016

/ 4

Overall DOPE sneaker!

Being a timeless, classic and clean sneaker, the air Jordan 1 has always been one of my absolute favorites! The letterman colorway absolutely pops and is an awesome colorway in my opinion. Perfect for upcoming july 4, and has minimal errors on the shoe. The quality on the leather is good, but they crease easily. When they crease though, they look better in my opinion. They are also extremely durable and if you wanted to, it could be worn in rain, snow, or grass without it being damaged in any way, making that a HUGE plus for the shoe. Overall, great release, Nike!


June 18, 2016

/ 5

Great shoe for your money

I would recommend these to anyone that likes style and a classic colorway. I have not worn then much maybe 1x. They are very comfortable love the colorway of them. They are not ment to run in they are more of a walk around shoe thats just my personal opinion. They run true to size in a 13-14 and I got a 13 they fit nice ( I like my shoes to be a little snug not much breathing room so if you like more room go with the size that always fits you best) would recommend to anyone that just loves shoes like I do!


October 27, 2017

/ 4

Great Iconic Shoe

First pair of J's, pretty comfortable and nice clean look. These do crease but so do all leather shoes so if you're concerned about that you could get some crease guards if they bother you that much. These run a bit large but not to the point where I couldn't wear them so for the most part it's true to size. Only thing I'm not crazy about is the weight which feels heavy compared to my other shoes, but it's to be expected.


June 22, 2016

/ 5

CLASSICLLY FRESH!! Never outdated or underrated!!!!

These are the OG shoes that cemented my Nike love!! Jordan 1 and this colorway embodies the perfect summer court shoe!! There colorway is clean and the materials are up to nikes high standard. These shoes could rock the ball court indoors and outdoors with also being able to be worn with a tux!! Jordan 1 needs to have its own place in history because of the HYPEBEAST IT HAS CAUSED!! Its not just a shoe its a movement on a global scale! Actually never scale greatness so its universal!!! Nike keep up the good work and thanks Tinker for keeping em fresh!!!


May 14, 2016

/ 5

The Lettermans

These are a beautiful shoe Im bout to buy a second pair. The light crimson red is amazing and they used good leather they hardly crease almost as good as the broken backboard leather. I love these was waiting awhile for them to drop and Im def ordering a 2nd pair while I can everyone is sleeping on one of the dopest realeased of the year.


August 21, 2016

/ 5

Yet another solid ONE

This Air Jordan 1, has a simple color way, but packs a powerful punch. The leather quality could of been better, but its nothing to complain over. The red Nike Air tag on the tongue was the icing on the cake for me. The Air Jordan 1, has always been one of my favorite silhouettes, so this whole review may be a little basis. All in all this is a solid shoe.